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Associated Test Methods
Test Method SANAS
Antimicrobial disk susceptability determination for veterinary bacterial isolates 
Aspergillus & Bacterial eggshell counts using agar plates 
Aspergillus Isolation/Identification 
Avian Encephalomyelitis Virus via ELISA 
Avian Influenza Virus via PCR and ELISA 
Avian Leucosis Virus Isolation via cell culture and PCR 
Chicken Anaemia Virus via PCR and ELISA 
Coliforms and E.Coli enumeration in meat & meat products; egg & egg products; water 
Egg Drop Syndrome Virus via ELISA 
Escherichia coli Isolation from clinical samples 
Haemophilus paragallinarum in chicken via PCR and ELISA 
Haemophilus paragallinarum Isolation from clinical samples 
Infectious Bronchitis Virus via ELISA 
Infectious Laryngotracheatis Virus 
Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M. synoviae in chicken via PCR and ELISA 
Mycoplasma gallisepticum and M.synoviae plate agglutination test for determination of antibodies 
New Castle Disease Virus in chicken via PCR and ELISA 
Oocyst and worm egg counts 
Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale in chicken via PCR and ELISA 
Pasteurella spp. Isolation from clinical samples 
Pseudomonas spp. Enumeration in meat & meat products 
Pseudomonas spp. Isolation from clinical samples 
REO Virus via ELISA 
Salmonella gallinarum Isolation from clinical samples 
Salmonella spp. Isolation/Detection from clinical samples, egg & egg products, feed & feed raw materials, meat & meat products 
Serotyping of Salmonella isolates 
Staphyllococcus spp. and S.aureus Enumeration in meat & meat products 
Staphyllococcus spp. Isolation from clinical samples 
Sterility determinations for water-in-oil emulsions bacterial component vaccines 
Total aerobic plate count for meat & meat products; water 
Turkey Rhinotracheale Virus via ELISA 
Virus Isolations/Titrations using SPF eggs