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Associated Test Methods
Test Method SANAS
Acid Value in Butter 
Acid Value in Milk Powder 
Added Water (Freezing Point) of Milk 
Aerobic Spore Enumeration 
Alcohol Stability Test in Dairy Products 
Alkaloids in Lupine Screening 
Amino Acid Determination, excluding cystein and tryptophan 
Anaerobic Spore Enumeration 
Ash Determination 
Ash Determination using Acid Insoluble Method 
Bacillus cereus Presumptive Screening 
Calcium Determination in Feed 
Carbohydrate Determination (glucose, galactose, fructose, maltose) 
Carbohydrate Determination (sucrose, lactose) 
Catalase Test in Milk 
Cholesterol Determination in Dairy Products 
Clostridium perfringens Presumptive Screening in Food 
Coliform Bacteria Enumeration 
Contaminating Bacteria in Dairy Products 
Crude Fibre Determination in Feed 
Cystein Determination 
Determination of Elements 
Dietary Fibre Determination (insoluble and soluble fractions) 
Dietary Fibre Determination (total) 
Digestibility of Feeds (in vitro) 
Dry Matter Determinations 
Energy Determination (total) 
Enterobacteriaceae Enumeration/Detection 
Enterococci Enumeration/Detection 
Escherichia coli Enumeration/Detection 
Fat Content Determination of Fresh Beef using Near Infra Red (NIR) Analysis 
Fat Content Determination using Acid Hydrolysis 
Fat Content Determination using Ether Extraction 
Fat Content Determination using Majonnier 
Fat Determination in Milk