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Food Testing Laboratories
Institution Name Type of Institution Contact Name Province Tel Number Email Address SANAS
Categories of Primary Operation
Valor Fruit Processors  In-House  Natasha Transell  Eastern Cape  041 4862146  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry 
Food Chain Laboratories  Commercial  Sonika Maritz  Eastern Cape  041 365 6048  Food,Water 
University of the Free State  Research  Dr Celia Hugo  Free State  051 4012692  Food,Microbiology,Water 
National Health Lab Services  Government  Andre Bester  Free State  058 3035586  Microbiology,Medical 
SMT LABS  Other  Shirleen Theisinger  Free State  073 169 4343   
Central University of Technology, Free State  Research  Prof. JFR Lues  Free State  051 5073145  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Molecular,Biotechnology,Nutrition,Pesticides,Contaminants,Water,Feed,Pharmaceutical,Medical 
QPRO International  Commercial  Julie Woods / Jane Mokete  Gauteng  011 3976249  Food 
MAP - Mycotoxin Analytical Programme (PPECB )  Commercial  Hein Engelbrecht  Gauteng  012 8046825  Food,Chemistry,Nutrition,Contaminants,Feed 
Crown National  Commercial  Baulah Ebrahim  Gauteng  021 5275023  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Contaminants 
Food Consulting Services  Commercial  Yolandi Nel  Gauteng  011 3155007  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Water 
Consulting Microbiological Laboratory  Commercial  Tracey Botes  Gauteng  011 4253775  Food,Microbiology,Water,Feed 
Lenton Laboratory & Scientific Equipment  Commercial  Jon Hughes  Gauteng  011 4764662   
Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute  Research  Heleen van den Berg  Gauteng  012 529 9263  Pesticides,Contaminants,Feed 
Eskom Holdings  In-House  Jenny Reeves  Gauteng  011 629 5728/5722  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Water 
ARC - Animal Production Institution  Research  Ina Van Heerden  Gauteng  012 6729213  Food 
M&L Laboratory Services (Pty) Ltd  Commercial  Joanne Barton  Gauteng  011 661 7900  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Nutrition,Pesticides,Contaminants,Water,Feed 
University of Johannesburg  Research  Prof. Mike Dutton  Gauteng  011 4062661  Food,Contaminants,Feed 
LTL Consultants  Commercial  Thea Laufs  Gauteng  011 4672653  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Water 
ARC - Irene Analytical Services  Research  Dr P Heinze  Gauteng  012 6729294  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Nutrition 
InterCal  Commercial  G Snelling  Gauteng  011 3154321