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Food Testing Laboratories
Institution Name Type of Institution Contact Name Province Tel Number Email Address SANAS
Categories of Primary Operation
University of Stellenbosch  Research  Beverley Ellis  Western Cape  021 808 4741  Food,Chemistry,Nutrition,Feed 
SGS South Africa  Commercial  Danie Huisamen  Gauteng  011 681 2619  Food,Feed 
University of Pretoria  Research  Amelita Lombard  Gauteng  012 4203297  Food,Microbiology,Molecular,Water 
Crown National  Commercial  Baulah Ebrahim  Gauteng  021 5275023  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Contaminants 
National Health Lab Services  Government  Andre Bester  Free State  058 3035586  Microbiology,Medical 
Quantum Analytical Services (Pty) Ltd.  Commercial  Patrick Griffiths  Western Cape  022 4871285  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Pesticides,Water,Feed 
Fourie's Poultry - Chubby Chick  In-House  Charlene Botes  North West Province  018 2930202  Food,Microbiology 
FIRI Consulting CC  Commercial  Willie Hall  Western Cape  021 949 3004  Food,Feed 
Centrolab cc  Commercial  Yacoob Geyer  Western Cape  021 807 8777  Food,Water,Feed,Pharmaceutical 
Cape Peninsula University of Technology  Research  Dr Jeanine Marnewick  Western Cape  021 4608314  Food,Nutrition,Water,Feed,Pharmaceutical,Medical 
University of the Free State  Research  Dr Celia Hugo  Free State  051 4012692  Food,Microbiology,Water 
Lenton Laboratory & Scientific Equipment  Commercial  Jon Hughes  Gauteng  011 4764662   
BioDetection Systems b.v.   Commercial  Dr. Peter A. Behnisch   Other  0031 20 4350 759   Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Nutrition,Pesticides,Contaminants,Water,Feed 
LTL Consultants  Commercial  Thea Laufs  Gauteng  011 4672653  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Water 
University of Stellenbosch  Research  Nina Muller  Western Cape  021 8083578  Food,Contaminants,Water 
University of Johannesburg  Research  Prof. Mike Dutton  Gauteng  011 4062661  Food,Contaminants,Feed 
Cape Peninsula University of Technology  Research  Larry Dolley  Western Cape  021 9596276  Food,Chemistry,Nutrition 
Nampak R&D  In-House  Johan Visser  Western Cape  021 5905800  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Contaminants 
ARC - Animal Production Institution  Research  Ina Van Heerden  Gauteng  012 6729213  Food 
Drs Du Buisson, Bruinette & Kramer Inc.  Commercial  Lisa Liebenberg  Gauteng  012 4271854  Food,Chemistry,Pesticides,Contaminants,Pharmaceutical,Medical