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Food Testing Laboratories
Institution Name Type of Institution Contact Name Province Tel Number Email Address SANAS
Categories of Primary Operation
Vetdiagnostix  Other  Beverley Bartlett  Kwazulu Natal  033 342 5014  Food,Microbiology,Molecular,Pesticides,Feed 
Valor Fruit Processors  In-House  Natasha Transell  Eastern Cape  041 4862146  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry 
University of the Free State  Research  Dr Celia Hugo  Free State  051 4012692  Food,Microbiology,Water 
University of Stellenbosch  Research  Prof Marietjie Herselman  Western Cape  021 9389259  Nutrition,Medical 
University of Stellenbosch  Research  Beverley Ellis  Western Cape  021 808 4741  Food,Chemistry,Nutrition,Feed 
University of Stellenbosch  Research  Nina Muller  Western Cape  021 8083578  Food,Contaminants,Water 
University of Stellenbosch   Research  Riana Rossouw   Western Cape  021- 8083119 / 8083114   Water 
University of Pretoria  Research  Amelita Lombard  Gauteng  012 4203297  Food,Microbiology,Molecular,Water 
University of Johannesburg  Research  Prof. Mike Dutton  Gauteng  011 4062661  Food,Contaminants,Feed 
Tshwane University of Technology  Research  Erika Jordaan  Gauteng  012 3826240  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Nutrition,Water,Feed 
Swift Micro Laboratories(Pty) Ltd.  Commercial  Ian Scholtz  Gauteng  011 805 4310  Food,Water,Pharmaceutical,Wine,Cosmetics 
Swift Micro Laboratories (Pty) Ltd.  Commercial  Anza Bester  Western Cape  021 683 8436  Food,Water 
Sugar Milling Research Institute (SMRI)  Research  Dr Richard Simpson  Kwazulu Natal  031 2731314  Food,Microbiology,Chemistry,Contaminants 
Southern African Grain Laboratory  Independant  Wiana Louw  Gauteng  012 807 4019   
SMT LABS  Other  Shirleen Theisinger  Free State  073 169 4343   
SGS South Africa  Commercial  Danie Huisamen  Gauteng  011 681 2619  Food,Feed 
SABS Microbiological Lab Cape Town  Commercial  M Brown  Western Cape  021 6895511  Food,Microbiology,Water,Feed 
SABS Commercial (Pty) Ltd: Food and Health  Commercial  Mr Twedi Seane  Gauteng  012 428 6017  Food,Chemistry,Nutrition,Feed 
Rhodes Food Group Central Laboratory  In-House  Iansha Witbooy  Western Cape  021 870 4194  Food,Microbiology,Water 
Rainbow Chicken Farms (Pty) Ltd.  In-House  Dr Allan Ball  Kwazulu Natal  031 7368225  Food,Microbiology